Is A Blog Necessary For Your Business Website?

gritblogimage-integrateseo-blogimageIn today’s competitive market environment does it seem like your new business sales cycle is getting longer than expected? How about your clients; are they getting more risk adverse; each becoming more tactful in their direct buying processes? In all possibility, the answers to both questions are yes. Yes, they are! To adding fuel to the fire, your targeted market is getting even more crowded with competing firms and all of them happily going after your existing customers as well as engaging in aggressive expansion efforts themselves. What are you doing in handling these events to help better prepare your company for future growth and success? Your true niche will be blogging! It is a perfect tool for your better web presence. By using a blogging resource like this, you can turn the situation in favor of you. To know more about free blogging services browse the website Read on to find how blogs build your business bottom line.

Building a new customer base is important

One channel that you must implement if you are not actively engaged in is communicating with your existing customers using the social media. Customer relationship through proper and frequent engagement is critical to your success. Most of you already intuitively understand sales to existing customers are much easier and more profitable than sales to new customers. Making a prospect into a customer is very hard and expensive. Using social media, you can easily overcome this hardship.

How will blogs help your business?

Here are the top five reasons why you should put a blog in place to help your online social networking:

· By adding more and quality content to your website it will surely grab the attention of all of the popular search engines. Treating each blog post as new website content, these search engines will begin to rank your website higher thus assuring you of more interest, site traffic, and higher rankings.

· By adding a well-written blog to your website assures you an ongoing 24×7 outbound voice around your brand. This helps you build a “Brand Awareness” factor which is crucial for sales, marketing and making social media strategies.

· Your blog posts can also help as a forum for you to put out new product and service announcements or any other type of relevant news that could be important or of great interest to your customers by using online social networking services.

· Your blog can also serve as a “virtual sales executive” where you can actually monetize your postings with coupon offers, specials discounts, and other short-term announcements.

As your blog becomes better known in your industry your company as a byproduct becomes the appropriate source for good content and information. The benefits here will greatly assist your business in sales as well, also help to better prepare you for more social media type activities including Video Marketing Strategies.

So, do not wait for any further to launch your blog if you have not done so far. Your clients and prospects will be glad to hear from you as long as you give them something interesting and meaningful stuff to read.

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Stop Spammers And Receive Genuine Comments

spamPosting a blog after spending your creative juices is a very fulfilling experience. You wait a day or two and then there’s a surprise. You’ve received a comment! This excites you and you open your blog to check what it’s about. It’s so thrilling that someone spent time over what you wrote and decided to interact with you. But wait a minute, you read the comment and it looks unbelievable. It’s all gibberish, the comment made no sense! A couple of days more and you see some twenty of them.

You went through pains to actually decide where to host your blog. You went through a zillion articles on how to choose blog platforms. You researched and sought the advice of your friends on which ones are the best or the most popular. They probably mentioned or And yet it came down to this. Hold on, all’s not lost. Before you downward spiralling, here is some news to alleviate your pain – You are not the only one! And it’s ok, it can fixed to a large extent.

Comment spams are common and there are ways to block them. If not 100% effective, quite a bit can be controlled. You don’t want to annoy serious readers of your blog. So here are some steps you can take to reduce spammers to your site

Install Akismet plug-in – this is a great tool to eliminate spams. As soon as a comment is detected, Akismet runs numerous tests to detect spam. Once identified, it junks those comments. Your intervention is zero here.
Disable trackbacks – Go to Settings>> Discussion. Uncheck ‘Allow link notifications from other blogs on new articles’
Another way is to turn off comments on older posts. You will not have so many comments older posts in comparison to new ones. The new posts are the ones to grab attention. Under Settings> Discussion you can check the option that automatically disables comments on your posts after a certain number of days (that you specify)
There are plug-ins available that do not allow users to fill their site URL when they comment on your blog. Search and install the plug-ins.
Captcha is a great way to detect whether it’s a human or bot adding comments. Only humans can fill the text window with random text that Captcha generates. There is no way a bot can detect what it is.
You can also disable anonymous commenting. Settings>> Discussion has the option to allow only registered users to comment.

These options are specific to WordPress. Most blogs have similar settings to help you get rid of spam comments. Despite all these settings, there may be a few stray ones that appear on your blog but you can find workarounds like the above to avoid a maximum percentage of spam comments. These not just help in retaining good viewership but also maintain your ranking in search engines. If you haven’t taken any of the above measures and are slipping in your ranking, do go through your comments. The best approach is to employ the above methods and make those changes in your settings right in the beginning! Happy blogging!

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Successful SEO Trends And Strategies Of 2016

With Yahoo and Facebook upgrading their search features, Google might not be the top search engine anymore. There is going to be a battle between all of them to decide who is going to be the top search engine. Mobile searches are surpassing desktop searches as there is a constant increase in Smartphone users worldwide. This has resulted in construction of whole sites that are mobile friendly. Teckle Digital Agency offers comprehensive SEO solutions and services. More information on the importance of user experience is available at

Digital Assistants like Cortana and Siri have proved to be a success and they may stay for a long time. The digital assistance experiment started out with the anticipation that it might become a failure but then it was proved to be a success.

Top SEO trends of 2016
1. Keyword Searches
The keywords are the most basic and easy to handle SEO trends and there has not been much change with the keyword research. The right keywords will fetch the most relevant results and this has been the case for a long time. However, the process of the keyword search is not as simple as it sounds.

Moz’z keyword planner
This keyword planner is a tool for keywords and has many features. Opportunity and potential are two new features which help in fitting the needs and prioritizing. The volume range in Moz is 95% accurate.

Answer the public
This is another keyword search tool where it takes the keywords and forms various questions around the keywords which could be useful in finding the required results.

2. Mobile Traffic
The Mobilegeddon update of Google’s algorithm has proved that mobile traffic is getting higher importance. This has resulted in reconstruction of most of the websites into mobile friendly sites. The mobile friendly sites would not have contents that are wider than the screen.

The usual websites have HTTP but Google has introduced HTTPS where S stands for security. The websites have been migrating to HTTPS and this has seemed to improve the ranking of the website.

4. Content Marketing
These days SEO needs to have sustainable strategies and quality content. There cannot be proper SEO implementation without quality content and quality content cannot be sustained without proper implementation. The quality of the content improves Ranking and will give a good reason for readers to link the site.

5. Social content
The indexation of social media like Twitter and Facebook has increased over the time and sometimes the results on the social media rank higher than the website itself. Hence, it is important to make the social media posts rank high in the SERPs. The focus must be on the good content in the post. The content must be natural and it must not give any idea that it is a promotional post.

6. Personalizing SEO
Personalizing SEO can be done with the help of question and answer sites. In these sites, the questions relating to the site would be found and would be answered in a way so that the traffic of the site might increase. For this, help from loyal customers and colleagues could prove to be useful. Again, the important thing to note is that the answers must be natural and should not give the idea of promotion of the site.

7. Visual Content
Unique images that are built around the content will help in the long term. But, the quality of the content must be good or else no matter how good the pictures are it will be of no use.

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How To Develop A Private Blog Network

link-networksMany people have come across the term PBN which refers to Private Blog Network (PBN). You must create your blog very reliable and powerful. You don’t want to spend several thousand rupees for that. You must know the required skills and strategies for that and develop those skills. Using clever methods, you can develop that in very little money.

Do you have a question how to build a PBN? Then you can follow the below step by step guide to developing your blog without spending more money.

Though unique content rich in keyword is important in your blog, you can host it in a good domain by choosing SEO experts.

You don’t choose a new domain for your network. It is better to build the sites with the aged domain with nice domain authority, specific logo, distinct and useful contents, unique theme, and some usable plug-ins. You don’t prefer junk domain to your website. When creating high quality sites in a network, you should buy a decent domain. You must ensure that your domain name should not give your negative impression to your network. You must consider the domains with extensions .com, .org or .net or you can use country specific domains.

You can figure out the expired domains from an online site and choose the good one. You can search the expired domains for the last 24 hours with at least 100 links. It is better to pick a domain name with higher authority for your network sites so that you can make more money. You can search for the domains with more than 15 DA. After that, you can find out the genuine backlink profile.

You remember to do the due diligence from where ever you purchase the domains for extra caution so that you can avoid loss of money and time. You can also search PBN selling groups on Facebook.

Once you find the right domain for your network, then the second step is hosting your site. You should not use SEO hosting since Google knows who host SEO hosting and handle your links accordingly. You must develop each site on your new host though it is costly and time-consuming. You must analyze whether it is enough for your network sites. You can maintain a spreadsheet for the details such as Username and password for Hosting, WordPress, and Domain Register in order to easily access and maintain your site. You should safeguard your site from blocking bots that share your websites backlinks to your competitors.

Next, you must concentrate on developing content that is related to your niche. You must add fresh, unique and attractive content to your site. You must create all your sites related to your niche. For example, if your niche is red apples, all the sites in your network must be relevant to red apples.

It is good to create generic websites so that it stays relevant. When it is very relevant only to your niche then you will hardly use it. The content must be very useful to the visitors and it should be written in a simple language so that they can easily understand them.

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Get To Know The Changes To SEO By Artifical Intelligence

Android-women-300x300The arrival of Rank Brain has changed, without a shred of doubt, SEO forever. Rank Brain is a type of ANI or artificial narrow intelligence which is a major type of AI (Artificial Intelligence). ANI usually works on the principle of ‘deep learning’ by the AI devices. Rank Brain by Google is no exception to this principle, in fact, it has to be stated that Rank Brain is a prime example of ANI using ‘deep learning’. Anyways dwelling upon the intricacies and nuances of ANI is not our major concern or chief motive here. The impact that Rank Brain and hence ‘deep learning’ ANI has had upon SEO is the topic under discussion in this article.

It has been well established that Rank Brain has the potential to learn to differentiate between relevant and irrelevant sites. It is also widely believed that Rank Brain is already performing this distinction between relevant and irrelevant websites to a fairly high extent. In times to come, owing to the fact that Rank Brain is based on the ‘deep learning’ principle of ANI, this distinction is bound to become even more exact. This is definitely a very good thing for the web surfers as they will be able to have a much better experience surfing on Google. But this complicates the overall scheme of things as far as SEO agencies and companies are concerned.

In the current situation which has arisen after the advent of Rank Brain, the task for the SEO companies has become even more complex. The number of the unknown variables in the overall scheme of things as far as SEO is concerned is a lot more than it ever was. The keywords now have to be thought of and planned in a much minute and detailed manner than ever before. All the SEO service providers and agencies have to absolutely make sure that a website is ranked in the ‘good’ category by Rank Brain. This is an absolute must because of various reasons. The chief and most vital of those reasons is a good ranking.

If a website is ranked in the ‘bad’ category of websites then it will practically impossible for the website to get a good ranking. Hence, a lot of attention now needs to be paid to the overall written content on the pages of a website. Hence, the choice of a good and up to date SEO agency or company for the SEO of your website has become a lot more important than ever before. So, you must make sure that you hire a top notch SEO company that has the ability to optimize your website the arrival of Rank Brain in the overall mix. The ability to provide SEO despite the changes brought about by Rank Brain is what you must look for in the SEO agency.

If you are a company based in Ottawa you can search online for an up to date SEO agency. You may use ‘SEO Ottawa’ as your search words on the various online search engines.

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Bonus Points About Dark Post Engine

Bonus Points About Dark Post EngineFirst, make yourself aware about what dark post engine dies. It is a tool that helps you advertise on facebook with the least amount of effort. It solves all the major problems that were previously encountered by facebook advertisers. People learning about facebook advertisements have found this tool to be very effective in training them. People looking for the best converting ad tool must try dark post engine. Visit and get to know more about this amazing tool. Dark post engine will help you extract the precise URL as well as the landing page your competitors are using for marketing.

It will enable you to see their specific copies and images. This will give you an idea of what to work upon in your particular niche. It will make it easier for you to compete with the market rivals. People who think that their facebook ads do not work will be proved wrong with the use of dark post engine. It will make your ad more relevant to the target audience. More people will be attracted to the brand name hence you will be benefited from the popularity. With smart effort, facebook ads can be made to work for your business.

It is the most popular social media platform, utilized by almost everyone in the present time. It not only connects people but also works as a helping hand in business promotion. Interacting on facebook is way easier. Hence, utilizing this platform will give you a closer insight into your customer’s interests. You can serve more personally through social media platforms. If you are dreaming of greater CTR, the top most engines will give you that. It is a bonus feature of dark post engine. Utilize it to the fullest and make yourself an expert Facebook advertiser. Order your copy today and grow your business.

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iPhone App Development – Mistakes to Avoid

10-tips-that-can-help-you-avoid-creating-lousy-iphone-appsThere are million users who use iPhones, iPod, and iPads. For them it is like a companion, they regularly travel with. The iPhone app developing team found many challenges in developing the app for IOS. The phone development language is C and it has various interfaces, messages, dynamic typing and many more.
The IOS offers numerous features convenient for their programmers and developers over other mobile app developing platform. Due to the rising need of iPhone in the market, every company would like to develop an app that supports IOS in order to develop their business. Therefore, to match up with the need, the android user should not only possess the knowledge to develop the app but also the relevant experience in handling the complex issues. Because a beginner will make too much mistakes, as he is in his learning process. Here is the list of common mistakes, which the app developers for IOS devices need to avoid.
It is essential that you app need to be unique. Still please avoid overdoing it. The app has to be delivered at the customer’s expectancy. As the apps are targeted at a large crowd, it is necessary that it should be simple and easy to adapt.
IOS users do not like poor images. In the effort of providing high-resolution images, the developers fail at the speed. As the high resolution images decreases the operating speed of the app. To overcome this, the developers have to try resizing with different images and choose the right format that does not reduce the speed of the app. Poor animations will destroy the image the people have for IOS.
App should be simple, unique, user friendly yet adaptable. As you know very well that, the apps are developed for the users and so your service should meet up their needs.

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Added Information On Mobile Optin

Mobile Optin1

It will be a very good idea to do the internet and mobile marketing to improve the sales of a company as they are said to be the leading techniques in the recent times. There are a lot of software programs that will be very useful in order to complete this work in an effective way. In order to know in detail about the marketing services, have a look at the Mobile Optin Bonus in the market. There are a lot of benefits related to the Mobile Optin usage, and some of them are provided below in an elaborate manner.

When it comes to the mobile traffic, each and every second is highly valuable, so when the emails are pre-typed and ready, it will be easy to send it to the customers who visit the site. This will be possible with the support of Mobile Optin, and this will save a lot of money too. There is a very good increase in the rate of conversions. No one will be interested in filling long forms in order to subscribe to a service or buy a product, and this trouble is eliminated with the support of the Mobile Optin as most of the works will be completed in just two clicks. This, in turn, helps in the increase of the conversion rate to 70% – 80%

There are 100’s of templates available in the software that will make the work very easy and simple for the user. There will be multiple niches in the template like education, beauty, health care, dog training, finance, investments, dating, weight loss and so on from which the necessary template can be used. The automated split testing is the added advantage of this software. It is also possible to integrate unlimitedly. Even retargeting will be possible with the assistance of this Mobile Optin software.

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Guide To Identify IP From Skype

It will not be a very difficult task to identify the IP address of the computer when the Skype resolver is used. It is essential for a person to ensure the IP address of the computer is safeguarded properly so that there are no issues created by the hackers and crackers using the IP address. In fact, when the Skype is used by a person, it is necessary to ensure the person uses all the precautionary steps. Skype resolver is nothing but a program that is designed in order to identify the IP address of the Skype users with the help of their username.

When the IP address of a person is stolen, then they person can be threatened. Unnecessary spams can be sent to the system, and many other cyber scams can be done by the criminals. Hence, it is essential to keep the IP address very safe and secure. When the IP address is got by a criminal, DDOSING will be done i.e. the modem that is used in order to provide the internet services will be overloaded and this in turn will affect the service causing a complete shutdown. In fact, the modem cannot be used again in order to connect the devices. Also, it will be possible for a hacker to get more personal information about the victim too with the help of the IP address.

There are many resolving tools available in the market in order to get the correction work done. It will be a very good idea to make sure the right tool is selected and used in order to prevent and correct the theft of IP address. It is always advised to use the necessary steps to safeguard the computers from the hackers as carelessness will lead to many complications. Always be cautious and aware of the trends in the market.

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IOS and Android – A Comparison of Revenues


Visiting the cellular environment, both top systems will always be fighting against one another when it comes to profits and applications packages. Because the last several groups, profits data and the appstore packages revealed a fairly similar design. As the latter handled a substantial but shrinking lead over Google Play within the income section Google Play was in front of iOS when it comes to packages. Q1 of 2015 observed iOS obtaining a substantial cause over Google Play for Google and income Play remaining on the top within the download area.

Based on newest reviews from App Annie, the global packages for Google Play in Q1 2015 was nearly 70% greater than iOS Appstore, that was again an increase in the 60% in Q3 2014. The growing areas within the developing nations – Mexico, Brazil Turkey and Australia, performed an important part in behind the development of Google Play. The Android environment was extremely benefitted using the very first time smartphone customer figures in these areas getting an enormous growth.

On the other hand, Appleis appstore guaranteed significant global income within the first quarter of this year. Q1 of 2015 displays iOS Appstore profits being about 70PERCENT greater on Google Play, which was also a rise from about 60% in Q3 2014. Directed at the huge growth in two primary areas – China and U.S, the income of Apple continues to be effectively making extraordinary numbers.

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